Happy New Year!

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The new decade brings in hope and a lot of opportunity. Everyone starts with 365 days and each day is a new chance to make progress in something valuable to you. This past year I personally lost 30 lbs, and it took conscious effort, daily to make that happen. I also started journaling on books I’m reading. As a naturally introspective person, I found it unnatural to verbalize the concepts that landed on me. 

Be Intentional

With programming, it’s somewhat easy for technical folks to move toward a specific task. At work, we use issue management to document what tasks (and subtasks) that need to get done to work toward a specific user story. We also estimate the work effort using story points. As with other projects, our technical journey needs measurable goals and intentional steps toward that goal. What are your goals and what do you need to do to get there?

Avoid the Time Trap

With a new year come commitments and resolutions. My challenge is to inspect each priority and make sure it really serves your values and goals. Bruce Lee recommended one chief principle goal, and if you make it your chief focus, all the priorities become clear. The fallacy of trying to do more makes you feel like you have even less time. Avoiding the time trap will give you more happiness and make your work more rewarding.

Build Something

Never mind trying to make it scalable. Unless you already have thousands of users, the biggest challenge is starting. Take an idea you’ve always had and throw it together, with the technology you know best. If you really want to learn a new framework, find someone to pair with and bring your own skills. Even if you have no technical experience, your energy, ambition, social connections or business acumen carries weight.

Enjoy yourself

Lastly, sustainable growth means a comfortable pace, when you’re able to give back to yourself and to the people that depend on you. Whether you know it or not, you’re an arc reactor to a Tony Stark, and even if you don’t end up creating the next Uber, you can make a difference to another person.

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